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At Air Solutions, we offer several different answers to fit your needs, schedule, and budget.


  • In the event of a breakdown in your heating or air conditioning system, get in touch for a service and repair call at your home or business.


  • Regular maintenance on your equipment is the single most important money-saving precaution you can ask for, lowering utility costs and fewer breakdowns.


  • For new residential and commercial construction, we can install a variety of systems tailored to the project. Contact us for more information and to request a quote!


  • If your old air conditioning system is on the fritz and in need of replacement, we can provide a fast quote as well as prompt service.


  • Suspect your ventilation ductwork is not circulating efficiently? Ask us for a duct pressure test. This will pressurize and depressurize the system to measure air leakage, and potentially save you a lot of money!


  • If you want to make sure your house isn't leaking heat air conditioning (and that you're not heating or cooling all of Texas!), ask us about a blower door test to make sure the building is airtight.


Whatever the service, our friendly technicians Manual J., Manual D., and Manual S. are here to help you with the maintenance, installation, or replacement of a variety of HVAC systems. Contact us today for a quote!

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